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Get a cuppa and put your feet up. Have a read through these articles to know what goes on in the design realm. We hope this brings ideas, creativity, education and makes you think outside the box for your next design. Enjoy!

2017 Logo Trends

Like any report, this is just a synopsis of what we’re seeing in logo design. You should use this information to build on and push design forward to the next level. It’s about evolving forward, not repeating where we’ve been. Shadow Breaks Even when limited to the claustrophobic confines of a two-dimensional page, turning potential […]

2016 Logo Trends

Drawing from a year of observation, an overall thought occurred to me: KISS is making a comeback. Not that KISS. Sorry fans. KISS as in Keep It Simple Stupid. Designers are paying heed to the old saying and rebelling against complexity. Simplicity is king once again. Typography has taken a decidedly strong swing to the […]

5 ways your logo can make or break your brand

Competitiveness in the market has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. In order to stay visible and be successful, companies need to establish their own identity and brand with the help of a freelance graphic designer and branding expert. A logo is the most integral part of the branding process and […]

WordPress vs Squarespace – Which one is better? (Pros and Cons)

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, but it is not the only option. There are other platforms that can help you build your website. Recently, one of our users asked us to to compare Squarespace vs. WordPress because they were seeing a lot of Squarespace commercials on TV. In this […]

Responsive Logos

Some big names making their logos responsive. Very interesting to see how each size can be used in a different usage.

6 questions to ask when designing a logo

Your company’s logo is the fundamental foundation to your business branding. It is probably the first interaction that you will have with your customers. An effective logo can establish the right tone and set the proper ethos. After years of crafting logos for different projects, I’ve come up with a set of questions that I […]

2014 Logo Trends

Mono Crest Let’s start this year’s report with the spawn of the most prolific trend we identified in last year’s report. The use of mono-weight line work and in this case as used in crests or other combination marks that utilize typography and illustration. Last year we identified “Line Craft” using the same single weight […]

Creative E-Books for Free!

Whether you’re just starting out in design, or you’re a seasoned pro, the web has some interesting reading for you today. We’ve done some extensive research and found these brilliant free ebooks for you to download and read – but let us know in the comments if you’ve come across a good book we’ve missed! […]

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