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5 ways your logo can make or break your brand

Competitiveness in the market has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. In order to stay visible and be successful, companies need to establish their own identity and brand with the help of a freelance graphic designer and branding expert. A logo is the most integral part of the branding process and you need to create one carefully. Here are some ways in which a logo can make or break your brand.

1. Help Establish a Unique Identity
A good logo will be unique and will stand out. It won’t look similar to any other company’s logo and therefore help you establish a distinct identity. If your logo doesn’t look unique and is too similar to symbols of other brands, it will confuse your target audience and hamper your marketing efforts. Your brand won’t appear unique and its marketing value would diminish.

2. Appeal to the Target Audience
Most brands and companies have a specific target audience. The design of the logo and all related branding should fit the preferences and tastes of the target audience. A great logo won’t just be a good representation of the brand, but also establish a connection with the target audience. A poorly-designed logo that doesn’t appeal to the target audience will cause disconnect between the brand and the customers.

3. Have Meaning and Connection to Your Business
The logo will be a distinct part of your identity and therefore must represent your brand well. It should have meaning and connection with your business so it can represent what you stand for accurately. If the logo is generic and doesn’t connect to the brand, you won’t be able to establish your unique identity.

4. Work for International or Global Businesses
Businesses that intend to work on an international platform should choose a logo that would appeal to a wider audience. Professional logo designers will be keen attention to the colours and designs they choose to ensure the logo is effective and inoffensive.

5. Be Easily Memorable
This is one of the most important factors to consider in graphic design and logos. If the logos are too complicated and messy, they won’t be memorable and develop a connection with the prospective customers. All logos from famous brands like Nike, Amazon, Apple, are simple but impactful and memorable.

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